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Working for Morcare

What Makes Morcare Different?

At Morcare Services, we exist to make a difference to the lives of the people we support.

We are a proud family operated business built on an enduring foundation of quality client care, and we are always looking for passionate and committed individuals to join us in our mission.


Our values center around service to people, teamwork, empathy and integrity, and a commitment to achieving excellence in all we do. Our difference is in our people, and we are renowned for providing the positive work environment, support,  and development opportunities that enable our team to be the best they can be.


If you want to BE the difference in the lives of others, and become a valued member of an amazing team - then we invite you to apply and experience the Morcare difference today.

Rewards and Benefits 

  • Be Rewarded with access to above award wages and pay linked to qualifications. Have a steady supply of work built around your lifestyle and schedules;

  • Be Equipped with quality, targeted and relevant training that enhances your skills and enables you to be your best;

  • Be Challenged with a broad supply of interesting work with great clients;

  • Be Valued from the moment of first contact, throughout your employment journey, we'll be connected. Let us get to know you, your strengths, your interests, and be valued for who you are and what you do;

  • Be Supported with access to health and well being enhancing services and the guidance of our Support Worker Engagement Officer and Coordination Team.


What Our Employees Have To Say:

Morcare is continually striving for excellence and that is why we regularly seek feedback from our Support Staff.  Below are some standout statistics and quotes that were collected from our amazing team who responded to our 2022 Annual Support Worker Survey which was conducted in late 2022. 

91%               Recommend Morcare as a great place to work.

84%             Feel listened to and supported  by the staff at Morcare.

96%             Feel they have access to the information and support required to do their job well.

96%              Said the training they receive is appropriate for their role.

91%               Felt safe and supported to perform their job in the COVID-19 pandemic.

84%             Feel that they had access to information and support towards their wellbeing at work.



The Annual Support Worker Survey also collects feedback from our Support Workers. Below are some quotes that

highlight our strive for excellence and values here at Morcare. 

Supportive Culture

Being supportive, respectful, approachable, and working together as a team. 

  • "The main reason is the support I receive from the staff at Morcare, I'm listened to and I feel they have my back.."

  • "Great flexibility and support for workers. Always willing to help those at the front line..."

  • "I would recommend Morcare because the staff foster good relationships and work ethics. "

Great Clients

Working with and supporting great clients!

  • "Good team, love working with the clients I have"

  • "...I've enjoyed my clients and have had plenty of work"

  • "...Clients are well matched to me and my personality..."

Good Work

Abundant and interesting work available

  • “Morcare have given me plenty of work hours...I appreciate that."

  • “...The type of work is suited to your capabilities and capacities"

  • "...Because it's a place where you can work happily"

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