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Frequently Asked Questions

Click through the links below to learn more about Morcare and our practices. If you have any additional questions regarding employment with Morcare, we encourage you to contact us on 03 9800 4433, or email us at

Why work in Disability and with Morcare


Am I suited to working within the disability or aged care industry?

To have a successful and fulfilling career in disability and aged care there are specific attributes that we look for, and which will set you up for success. A caring nature, empathy, honesty, and an ability to follow directions contained in care plans are just a few. If you're unsure about your suitability, the NDIS have a self-assessment tool via the below link.


The self-assessment tool is free, takes around 10 minutes to complete, and will provide you with more insight as to whether you're suited for this work and why.


Why should I join the Morcare team?

Simply, we exist to make a difference to the lives of the clients we support. Morcare was founded as a result of a life changing motor vehicle accident to a family member nearly 30 years ago. Because of this we have insight into what clients and their families need, and we employ high quality workers with the values, skills and energy to achieve our mission. When you join Morcare you become part of a larger family committed to supporting our clients, and where you will be valued and celebrated for your contribution.


Recruitment & Induction

What can I expect during the interview and application process?

Morcare has structured our interview and onboarding process to ensure that you have a smooth and positive experience, where you're informed of opportunities and requirements each step of the way.


You can find more information about our interview and onboarding process, and how to apply to be a support worker  here.


How soon can I start?

As soon as possible! There is high demand for support workers at present. How quickly you're able to provide us with  necessary information and compete your induction and training, will determine how soon you can commence.


What can I expect from my first week?

Your first week at Morcare will be devoted to induction, training, and preparing you with the tools and information you need to complete your first shift.


This includes:

  • An induction workshop where you're introduced to our company, services and supports, and the values and behaviours that guide our client services

  • Meet and greet with the Morcare office staff that you'll interact with on a regular basis

  • Introduction to our rostering team and collaboratively allocating shifts that meet your needs and availability

  • Setting up and providing information on how to use the timesheet app on your mobile phone

  • Program specific care plans that are the roadmap for your care



Qualifications, Training & Development


Is training provided?

Yes, Morcare will provide you with the training required for you to complete your shifts. Some training will be provided during your induction workshop prior to your first  shift, while other training modules can be completed via our on-line training portal within your first 30 days of employment.


Do I need to be qualified to work in disability?

No, you don’t need a qualification to work in disability. Morcare will provide you with the training you need to commence your first shift, which usually occurs with you shadowing another support worker so you can learn the ropes and ask questions.


Despite this, many support workers at some stage of their career undertake a qualification such as a Cert III or Cert IV in disciplines such as Aged Care or Ageing Support, Disability, Individual Support, or Mental Health to grow their skills and impact with clients.  


Do I need to be qualified to work in Aged Care?

If you're interested in providing in-home support to aged care clients, you will require a Certificate III in Individual Support, or a similar approved accredited qualification.   





What support is available to me on the job?

Morcare is known for the quality of support provided and the friendliness of our support staff. We have a team of rostering staff who will communicate with you regularly about your roster and shifts, as well as Program Coordinators allocated to each client who will be in regular communication with you regarding client needs and care support.


Where do I go if I have questions?

All support workers have access to the Team Leader of Administration for any questions, queries, or help you may need on a specific topic. They are 100% there for you.



Work, Pay and Conditions


What are my employment options?

Casual and part-time employment are the most common employment basis options. Most staff are employed casually due to changing client needs, and many of our support workers seeking flexibility in when, where, and how often they work. Casual employees earn higher hourly wages than part-time employees, however casual employees do not get access to paid annual leave or sick leave entitlements like part-time employees do.


How often do I get paid?

All employees are paid on a fortnightly basis (i.e., every 2 weeks). Payday is on a Wednesday, for the previous fortnight pay period worked.


How and when do I submit a timesheet?

Upon commencement you will be provided with access to an App on your phone which you can use to sign in and out of each shift, and have each shift verified by the client. It's that simple.


How long are shifts?

Shift durations differ due to differences in the support requirements of our clients. Minimum shift durations are 2 hours, while some clients require longer shifts of up to 8-10 hours.


All shifts are paid the appropriate rates, penalties and loadings as indicated by the Social, Community, Home Care and Disability Services Industry Award (2010).


What type of shifts can I do?

Morcare has a range of clients with varying needs, ranging from a few hours per week for domestic support or accessing the community, to larger scale complex care programs requiring a team of support workers to provide 24 hour care every day of the week.


The 3 main categories of care we provide are:

  • Domestic Assistance

  • Personal Care

  • Community Access


You can find more information on our shift types and what a day in the life of a support worker is like here: A Day in the Life at Morcare


Do I get reimbursed for travel?

Support Workers are reimbursed for travel when transporting clients to approved appointments. Support workers are not paid for travelling to and from shifts.

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Work, Pay & Conditions
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