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Disability Services

Morcare Services specialise in services that assist people who are injured or who have a disability to achieve independence in daily living tasks, build skills and participate in their community. We exist to provide services that inspire people and make a difference in their lives.


Morcare provide a range of support services to suit each clients' needs. Our aim is to nurture individual aspirations and goals that maximise outcomes and increase life participation. This includes a 12 week skills building program that has seen many individuals enhance their confidence, improve on particular skills and achieve maximum social inclusion throughout their community.

Morcare provide a range of services to assist people with disability to manage daily tasks at home and within the community. We provide a stable and secure environment by establishing the individual needs of each client, the needs of their family, and the needs of other members of their support team to maximise potential for independence and social integration.

Morcare is an approved provider under the Aged Care Act 1997. We exist to provide services that inspire people and make a positive difference in their daily lives. Our Support Workers are experienced in providing personal care, home care and respite care to older Australians, and hold qualifications in Aged Care, Independent Support and Disability.  Morcare work with you to create unique individualised care that suits you. 

Disability support

Our team provides services such as:

  •  Undertaking regular household chores in order to maintain a comfortable and safe environment;

  •  Mobility and transfer support through the use of transfer aids and equipment;

  •  Assistance with supporting maintenance of personal aids and equipment, and arranging appointments;

  •  Accessing public venues, attending appointments and transportation to and from venues;

  •  Maintaining personal care and continence routines;

  •  Support with meal preparation, menu planning  and shopping;

  •  Respite care when time out is needed;

  •  Continuation of recommended health and wellbeing routines such as rehabilitation exercises and taking medications as   prescribed;

  •  Complex Care;

  •  Any other service provision that can be provided to maximise potential.

We provide services that inspire people and make a difference in their lives. We will do this by creating opportunities for people to build on their existing abilities, empowering people to make choices and live the life they choose, and through fostering participation and inclusion in their community.

Morcare Services provides support across the Greater Melbourne Metro area.

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