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A day in the life at morcare

It’s fair to say that no two days working at Morcare are the same. Below you will discover more about the types of shifts we service, and what a typical day could look like being a valued Support Worker at Morcare Services.

Types of Shifts 


Community Access 

These shifts exist to empower individuals to make their own choices and encourage participation within their community. Each of our clients have different interests and hobbies, meaning Community Access shifts can look different to all, some examples of activities that you may be involved in supporting include: 

  • Hydrotherapy;

  • Shopping;

  • Sports;

  • Gym;

  • Appointments;

  • Men's Shed;

  • Movies or theatre;

  • A Walk in the park;

  • Going out for coffee or a meal.

Domestic Assistance

All of us could use a little extra assistance within our home sometimes, regardless of whether we are living with a disability or simply getting older.  For our clients finding it difficult to manage the household, we provide domestic help to brighten their environment, ease their stress, and promote living independently. Our Domestic shifts cover a wide range of duties, including the following:

  • Meal preparation;

  • Vacuuming and mopping;

  • Bathroom and Kitchen clean;

  • Laundry.


Personal Care

Our Personal Care shifts exist to provide support, supervision and an extra helping hand to those with physically and mentally limiting disabilities. It's important to us that our clients feel comfortable and empowered when it comes to their personal hygiene, these activities include:

  • Continence routines;

  • Showering;

  • Grooming.


Your Availability 

At Morcare, we believe in the importance of having a healthy work-life balance, and our amazing Rostering Team will work collaboratively with you to organise a roster that fits your lifestyle and needs

For some Support Workers, they prefer to have a roster with a few smaller shifts throughout the day, such as three, 2 - 3 hours long shifts. Whereas other Support Workers prefer having longer days and see clients who require 7 - 8 hour long shifts. The choice is yours and we will find the most suitable clients and shift times to suit your lifestyle.

Your Experience

Similar to other industries, entering the Disability and Aged Care sector can feel unfamiliar at first. This is why we ensure all staff feel supported and are equipped with in depth training and client knowledge before beginning their first solo shift.  

We also allocate shifts that are within each individual Support Workers scope of experience. As all of our clients needs are individualised and diverse, it is our priority that not only our clients feel comfortable with their worker, but that our staff also feel confident completing each component of the clients care.

For example, if you join our team with little pre-existing experience, we'll allocate shifts with clients who have a low to moderate complexity of care. As you grow within your role, we will work with you to slowly increase the intensity of care you provide and the diversity of clients needs you take on.

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